Trading Terms and Fees

In order to begin trading with Weybridge Assets you must complete our Application Form for compliance and to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) standard.

Once approved you will receive your personal account login and password to our online active client area, and your dedicated Weybridge Assets wealth manager will contact you to discuss your investments requirements and strategise a plan moving forward.

To fully activate your trading account you must make an initial trading deposit of US $10,000.00 to your portfolio.

This balance will then be traded into equity and confirmed within your portfolio.

Trade Execution & Confirmation Document

Each time we purchase shares for your portfolio you will receive a confirmation of trade for signature to return to us. This will include your personal account summary, execution date, transfer agent coordinates (if applicable), stock details, price, exchange, cusip number, and commission fee (if applicable).

Equally each time we sell a position in the market you will receive a sell order confirming trade. You will similarly be required to sign and return it to us, authorising the sale.

Note: If an immediate timely execution is required (at night), you will receive sale confirmation the following day during normal office hours post trade.


In accordance with standard trading terms, we operate on a T+3 basis (this means ‘trade date’ plus three working days settlement).

Dependent on the relevant trading exchange and locality of the client, payments for shares are usually settled either directly with Weybridge Assets or through the relevant secure registered Transfer Agent. Transfer Agents function as a secure currency transfer facility  between client and broker. In addition to transferring funds for the purchase or sale of shares, they may also be responsible for the safe and secure issuing and redeeming of certificates.

Trade Fees

Weybridge Assets charges a commission fee on each transaction, whether buying or selling shares.

Individual and Joint Account holders will be subject to the following trading fees:

  • All transactions up to the maximum value of $20,000.00 will be charged a fee of $50.00 per trade;
  • All transactions exceeding $20,000.00 will be charged a fee equal to 0.25% of the trade value;
  • The commission fee will be included on the Trade Confirmation and it is the responsibility of the Transfer Agent, notary public or solicitor handling the trade to remit these funds to Weybridge Assets if client has not settled directly with the company.
Account Management

Your dedicated Weybridge Assets broker or wealth manager will follow the trading prices of shares held in your portfolio and will provide timely advice on both buying and selling.

In addition we provide regular updates and news regarding any important developments in the companies whose shares you hold, or any positive/negative information that may affect share prices.

The management of your account and any subsequent research and information is provided to you at no extra cost.