Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on ensuring all our clients are 100% happy with the solutions we provide. Below you can find a selection of Weybridge Assets testimonials from both private and corporate clients, who have benefited from our help. Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

2022 - Jersey
I was introduced to Weybridge Assets through a colleague who was recommending me offshore service providers as we live in Jersey. I have found not only does the company offer a catalogue of protection over our investments and assets, but they also have made us considerable profits over a difficult two years that has enabled us to buy our first yacht. We look forward to continued relationship through 2023 and forward.
Jonathan Lim CEO
2020 - Erasca Inc. San Diego
I am very grateful for the enormous efforts of Weybridge Assets, ARCH Venture Partners and Cormorant Asset Management in raising $200 million in a Series B rounds. We draw our name from “erase cancer,” and will use the funding to to support the clinical development of multiple potential therapies.
Naziha Ali
2017 - Private Client from UEA
I came to know of Weybridge Assets through an introduction. I have been with the firm for the past four years. Prior to having professional financial advice, I found my financial situation to be unplanned, ad-hoc and messy. I now have better visibility of my financial situation. This is my first time having professional financial advice and I find it to be a great service in which I have recommended my adviser to a friend.
Richard Simmons
2018 - American Computer Consultants Inc. (ACCI)
You were instrumental in ACCI increasing its stake to achieve majority ownership. Beyond the excellent financial analysis and negotiation one expects of a top company, your extensive network of relationships, high degree of customer service and relentless attention to detail enabled our success. ACCI could not be more pleased with our selection of professionals for this process.
Hsin Cho
2019 - China Mengniu Dairy Company
We worked with the Weybridge Asset’s team in Singapore during the strategic purchase of Lion’s Dairy. It was a great experience interacting with the dedicated team of senior professionals, led by James Tyler DOP from Singapore office, that they had formed to work on the transaction. We were impressed with his understanding of the technology and his ability to reach international buyers. The efforts of Mr Tyler and his team made the transaction happen. We wish the firm much success in its endeavors.
Dan Shoshani
2019 - IRP Systems Isreal
On behalf of the entire deal team at IRP Systems, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Weybridge Assets team for their incredible support and advice throughout our Series B round in collaboration with China’s Fosun RZ Capital to land $17 M. We thank them for playing an integral role in ensuring success of this important transaction and we look forward to work together on matters of mutual interest in future
G H & K H
2016 - Private Clients from Sidney, Australia
My Wife and I have been working with Weybridge Assets since 2009. Throughout the years James Tyler and his team have serviced us and updated our financial strategy and advised us with regard to purchasing new funds, giving us the personal service that we require. James is a knowledgeable and professional financial advisor. We feel secure in our retirement as a result of working with James and we highly recommend them
Shagufta Anurag
2020 - Livspace, Bangalore
We have developed a productive relationship with Weybridge Assets. They were quick to understand our business and the market in which we operated. They worked closely with us to identify and approach relevant investors, resulting in successful offers of investment for part of our funding rounds. The well connected team are consistently on the lookout for opportunities relevant to our business, which go above and beyond purely finding sources of finance.