Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Weybridge Assets

Here are some questions and answers regarding Weybridge Assets that have been submitted by potential investors and clients.

Why should I work with an investment professional?

An investment professional will take the time to understand your goals and will recommend investments that fit your needs. He or she will work with you on a one-to-one basis and hold your hand through investment process.

How do you protect my privacy and my personal information?

Any personal information is treated as confidential and may be shared only within Weybridge Assets and its employees. Under limited conditions, we may free up your personal information to third parties in good faith as allowed by, or in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Your personal information may be disclosed to collaborate with regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies demanding evidence or other official requests, and as may be necessary in order to protect the Company’s rights or property. We will not dispense your personal information to any third parties for the purpose of direct marketing. We will keep information about you after the termination of your account or service provision for as long as it is allowed for legal, regulatory, fraud prevention, business and financial crime purposes. Personal information you give us will be encrypted and stored on our secure servers. All electronic transactions you make to, or receive from us will also be encrypted.

Does Weybridge Assets record telephone calls?

Yes, telephone calls may be recorded to ensure accuracy and training purposes, and enable us to confirm any details or instructions you have given us.

How do I open an account with Weybridge Assets?

We require all new investors to complete new account registration. The application form is available either online on our secure website or alternatively if you contact us, we will dispatch an application form to you. Once your personal client account has been approved, you will be allocated your own dedicated username and log-in password which will be emailed to you accordingly.

Do I have to pay account opening fee?

No, account opening with Weybridge Assets is free of charge. All information is stored encrypted on secure servers solely for company use.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment varies slightly from equity to equity depending on the minimal block values, but is never higher than US $ 10,000.00 for private client accounts, and more often considerably less.

How do I view and download my statements and current position?

Please login-in at the client area on our corporate website, where you are able to either view, or download and save your statement history and portfolio.

Am I locked-in? Are there termination penalties?

There are no barriers to exit a relationship with Weybridge Assets. The relationship is revocable on written notice at any time. There are no forced liquidations, termination fees, back-end loads, redemption fees or other charges associated with the termination of an advisory relationship with our firm.

Do I get sent my Share Certificates?

Yes, you can have your share certificates sent to you via courier or Weybridge Assets can hold them in our secure vaults on behalf of client. Please note that short-hold or day-traded stocks are always held electronically to facilitate immediate execution.

What do you charge for financial risk management service?

Our financial financial risk management fees are based on the time worked on the plan and are based on a fee per hour. We are able to provide written estimates for our work before starting a project.

Regulatory compliance fees may be applied in the event of unexpected expenditure and third party costs incurred in the process of compliance. Fees shall never exceed $200 per hour levied.

Why are Transfer Agents or Escrow sometimes used for fund transfers and currency exchange?

For your protection, convenience and speed Weybridge Assets may engage the intermediary services of overseas Transfer Agents, Escrow and their solicitors to receive and transfer funds to clients or issue stock certificates directly to you. Transfer Agents act as a secure bridge between Brokers, Underwriters and you. This secure service is recommended when a client prefers transferring funds to or from their account outside their country jurisdiction.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, Weybridge Assets charge a 0.25% flat rate commission on every ‘buy’ or a ‘sell’ trade order, or 50 currency units if trade has value under 20,000 currency units.

Weybridge Assets may apply additional fees when requiring to outsource third party legal advice, where unexpected costs maybe incurred during arbitration or unusual compliance requirements.

How long does it take for funds to clear?

This varies from country to country. However, usually 2-3 days. It can take as little as 24 hours, up to 1 week. Dependent on weekends and bank holidays that may interrupt the process.

Is my investment safe sending money abroad?

Yes, all transactions are backed up with official documentation issued for client signature, and official receipts provided. Monies sent by SWIFT may be transferred to Weybridge Assets via Transfer Agent during the stock purchase or sale process. Dependent on the relevant trading exchange and locality of the client, payments for shares are usually settled either directly with Weybridge Assets or through the relevant nominated registered Solicitor and Notary Public or Transfer Agent. They function as an independent agent between buyer and seller, and in addition to receiving the funds for the purchase of shares they can also be responsible for issuing and redeeming the share certificates.