Benefits of financial risk management

Weybridge Assets offers comprehensive financial risk management solutions to their corporate clients. We also adopt a similar principal when advising private clients. Our professional analysts measure risk versus opportunity, and then develop and implement strategies to manage, or ‘hedge’ that risk accordingly.

As we all know; it is not possible to eliminate risk completely, but making balanced decisions based on sound research and experience and therefore understanding the whole picture in advance, are important steps in determining how to manage it. We therefore identify and prioritise key financial risks, and make informed decisions appropriately.


  • By determination an appropriate level of risk tolerance;
  • By implementing risk management strategy in accordance with policy;
  • By measuring, reporting, monitoring, and refining as needed.

Our solutions for financial risk management support asset liability management, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest-rate fluctuation risk, and funds transfer pricing capabilities to give our clients a comprehensive knowledge of the risk, and agree a strategy forward based on sound and researched advice.

We will build your risk profile thereupon, with the risk levels and approaches (aggressive or conservative) that suit you, whether you prefer either high-yielding short term, or lower risk long term investments, or both.

Risk management supports and enhances the portfolio manager’s decision-making with an integrated framework that combines both investment and non-investment risk.

Our independent risk management team produces daily reports on every portfolio we manage, using a proprietary risk system to produce comprehensive risk analytics.

We use these to understand and assess where risks are assumed and to ensure that their direction and extent is appropriate for each portfolio, and that the portfolio is adequately diversified. We also actively manage our portfolios to ensure they remain in line with client objectives and restrictions.